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The importance of individuals and their value is essential for a successful performance of our testing activities for pharma industry. Technology and equipment alone do not represent an added value if they are not supported by a skilled and energetic work team with a strong cooperative spirit.

Our young and talented team of more than 50 chemists, biologists and biotechnologists are focused on working together to find creative solutions and successfully managing the projects entrusted to us by our customers.

All team members contribute their high professional skills, technical expertise and commitment to the achievement of our goals and the success of the organization.


Constant growth since 2001… The ultimate goal of any company is business growth. Our strategy to achieve this objective is deeply rooted in our conviction and adoption of the marketing theory known as “blue ocean strategy”.

This strategic business approach enables us to face market issues beyond the traditional price and competition criteria. Rather, we focus on providing value innovation by maintaining a high level of scientific and technical know-how in order to understand our customers’ unique needs and products even better than they do.

By focusing on process and service quality which exceeds our customers’ requirements, we create significant added value through a clever blend of know-how, innovation and competitiveness.


The use of highly updated technology is an essential requirement to provide reliable scientific evidence to pharma industry.

Ticinum Lab Pharma Research Centre is concrete proof of this concept, as its facilities are constantly updated with top-level equipment and the most advanced technology on the market:

HPLC and UPLC (UV-VIS, diode array, MS-IT and MS-TQ detector, electrochemical and conductimetric detector, fluorimetric detector, RI detector , fraction collector for preparative HPLC)

GC (HS, FID and MS detector)

UV, IR and MS

Electrophoresis and WB equipment

Spectrophotometric plate readers for biological tests



Particle size analyzer by laser diffraction

High Resolution Atomic Absorption

Equipment for solid and liquid dosage form testing
 (automatic and manual dissolution, disintegration, hardness, density, viscosity, osmolality)

Freeze dryer

Stability climatic chambers (5°C, 25°C/60% RH, 30°C/65% RH, 30°C/75% RH , 40°C/75% RH and photostability ICH option 2)

A dedicated area for holding and handling High Potency substances